• Shannon has been amazing! I am a business owner but suffer from “creative brain” meaning I’m not good at structures and organization. I’ve been working with Shannon for a year now and she has helped take tasks off my plate along with creating efficient systems for client onboarding and follow up. What I love & appreciate most about Shannon is that she is great at self managing tasks and constantly finding ways to streamline and manage our workflow. I don’t have the time or mental bandwidth sometimes to manage an assistant so right from our first interview I knew she was going to be able to hit the ground running. I continue to appreciate her contributions and would highly recommend her.

    Lee D.

    Owner, Hey Mister DJ
  • Shannon is FANTASTIC! As a sole proprietor, I need someone that I can give a little bit of direction to and he/she can take the lead. Shannon does this for me on a weekly basis. She is able to process a large amount of information quickly and devise a plan that leads to efficiency and quick, quality results. Additionally, she can see beyond the task at hand and make great recommendations for improving process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Kim R.

    Owner, KPR Recruiting
  • Shannon has been my virtual assistant since October 2018. She helps run the back office of my real estate investment and management business. What I like about Shannon is that she’s continually trying to figure out how to remove items off my plate. For example, when something comes up from a resident, she’ll often ask how she can help – often before I ask! She’s also great at regularly communicating, which is essential for building trust and genuinely reducing my stress because I know things are getting done. Things she regularly does for me: – Compile documents, such as rental agreements, move-out emails, and Craigslist ads for vacancies. – Send thank you and birthday cards. – Purchase inventory and parts for repairs. – Schedule repairs with home service professionals and residents. – Reserve rentals and hotels for trips. Shannon is a professional, and I’m super excited to have her on our team.

    James F.

    Owner, Furlo Family Homes
  • I have known Shannon for over five years and was her manager for three of those years. Shannon now provides consulting services to our company. Shannon was one of the best employees and is now one of our best consultants. Shannon has excellent interpersonal skills, is highly organized and understands technology very well. While working for me at a large accounting and auditing firm, Shannon was responsible for creating policies and procedures, providing client and employee management, developing proposals for large accounts and provided marketing ideas and execution, including being responsible for creating and distributing our marketing newsletter, which had an open rate far exceeding industry standards. Shannon completes all our tasks on-time and can handle a variety of projects, from website design and integration to research and summarization to creation of processes and procedures.

    Sharon K.

    Principal, TAP Technologies

We provide services to a number of clients using the platform Upwork. We have a 100% job success score on this platform.

SMV Virtual Consulting was started to help small businesses run with their business operations, so they can focus on the other details.

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